J Ticket System

The ticket system opens tickets based on user-input from email, web, phone or social media.
A ticket can be support cases, bugreports, code development or any form of interaction which is ticket and assignment-based.

During working hours, employees/agents will have a browser window open in the ticketing system and will automatically be assigned and notified via browser notification about the next replied or new ticket.
When the ticket has been responded to, the system will assign the next available ticket to the user or wait and re-check.

The system works in real time, meaning there is zero delay when incoming mail from a customer is received by the JMail SMTP service.
JTicket is integrated with JWebshop CRM, products and orders, the Phone App and J AI for the automated robot agent.
It supports multiple companies/contexts, webshops, phone systems and social media providers within the same instance.